Book I - Paradise


​Chapter 1 - BlueStoneCutter

Chapter 2 - ArtifactFinder

Chapter 3 - YazeShepherd

Chapter 4 - DirtMover

Chapter 5 - Horc (TBW)

Chapter 6 - ShipBuilder (TBW)


Book II - Purgatory

Book III - Reunion

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Contributing Groups - An Extension of the Self-Manged Team Concept

Book: Necedah


On a massive planet, a peaceful culture is split into two by climatic change.  Separated by immense distances, they develop separately over the next two millennia.  When they meet again, one is backwards and militaristic, the other advanced but altruistic.  Only one way will lead them forward.

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Thesis:  Contributing Groups

My Writings

I've written a little here and there in my life and career.

The first significant one was my thesis on Contributing Groups, which was a small 254 page management theory (Download on left).

Beyond that, I've written several articles (and done videos) on technology subjects.  You can find those on the SpotLink blog on the right.

Lastly, in my retirement, besides other things, I would like to write much more prolifically, and hopefully profoundly.  Although I'm still a good 5 to 15 years from retirement, I'm getting  an early start by writing a Science Fiction novel I have had in my head for years (and just needs to get out). 

But since it's mostly for the fun, I'm going to publish it a little differently.

I'm going to just put the chapters here for anyone  that finds them interesting enough to read.  That is, I'll write this first book for feedback and encouragement.  Please send your thought (and encouragement) to