About Bob Hood

Hum.  What can you succinctly say that sums up what you are about.  Well, most broadly I guess my core personality is the analytical, mathematical, scientific type, and always have been.  From my dad teaching me chess before I can remember, to getting a physics degree, to starting a technology business out of my garage that has grown into a leading technology solutions business in SoCal.

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An ethical life, makes the world a better place.  I always endeavor to the the right thing - and to me the right thing is trying to make the lives of those around me better - improving the human condition.  The universe may be unfair, but we should always be fair, kind, and respectful of each other.


You're special - just like everyone else.  But that doesn't diminish the fact that you are special. Everyone has the capacity in them to do wonderful things.  I have tried to make the most out of the gifts I have been given, to both contribute to those around me, and build a more rewarding, fulfilling life.

THink Big

I've been told I'm a man of extremes.  That's probably fair.  I believe in think big or go home.  That's why when you look at my history, whether doing marathons, sky diving, riding in a rodeo, taking trips, or biking across the nation, I tend to do things worth mentioning at a party. 


I want to make the world a better place.  Corny, but true. I think everyone can do that not only with the big things they do, but even more so with the small decisions they make every day.


I've had a good run.  Good childhood, moved around a lot as a kid which allowed me to see a lot of the country, went to some good schools where I met people immensely more capable and smarter than I.  Then throughout life I've had the good fortune to meet some truly amazing and wonderful people who have shaped who I am and how I think.  At this point, I've seen a decent part of the world - enough to make me appreciative of all that we have here.  But still looking for the next adventure...